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Prairie Pothole Water Quality and Wildlife Program

Program Description

Pothole Region

The Prairie Pothole Region extends from Canada south and east, and through parts of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota,
Minnesota and Iowa. 

Prairie Pothole Farming

Water Quality

Standing water from farmed potholes are often drained through tiling, field or road ditching, or diking. Moving water from flood-prone areas degrades water quality by carrying nutrients through surface inlets and into nearby streams, lakes and rivers.


Wildlife Habitat

Potholes naturally produce moist soil plants which are valuable sources of forage and cover for many waterfowl, shorebird and wading bird species. Under normal cropland production, the native vegetation is restricted on these sites through mechanical and chemical control.


Financial Losses

Crop fields in the Prairie Pothole Region often yield poorly and drag field yield averages down. Iowa farmers can go consecutive years without yielding a productive crop in the pothole region. This new program may actually provide a more positive return on investment for producers.

See the program flyer for full details.