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Environmental Services Program (ESP)

Program Description

The Environmental Services Program is available to North Dakota Beef producers, including cow-calf operators, backgrounders, finishers and stockers. Cattlemen voluntarily participate in this confidential, obligation-free program.

The Process

Requesting an assessment is simple and confidential, plus the producer is under no obligation to make suggested changes.

  1. Contact the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association.
  2. The environmental services director will schedule a meeting.
  3. The director visits with the producer and evaluates the site.
  4. After the assessment, the director may conclude no changes necessary, or only management practice alterations are necessary.
  5. If the director determines a problem, he will recommend solutions to improve the environmental soundness of the operation.
  6. The director also aids in filing the appropriate paperwork, seeking cost-share assistance and identifying qualified resource people (engineers, contractors, etc.)

The Stewardship Support Program is the segment of Environmental Services that provides 60 percent cost-share assistance. These program funds apply to the components of the operation that support environmental and animal health improvements.