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Forest Stewardship Program

Program Description

Approximately 45 percent of all forestland in the U.S., about 354 million acres, is owned by nonindustrial, private forest landowners and are predominantly “family forests.” In North Dakota, approximately 70 percent of forestland is privately owned. These privately owned forests are critical to sustaining our clean water and air, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) provides technical assistance to nonindustrial, private forest landowners to encourage and enable active, long-term forest management.

Benefits to Landowners

  • On-site professional forestry technical assistance
  •  Inventory of your forest, including forest health, management, and long-term conservation
  • Access to financial assistance programs and tax benefits
  • Receive a written forest stewardship management plan specialized for your property


The Forest Stewardship Program offers management advice to landowners for maintaining and improving forestlands and windbreaks. The program provides a management plan free of charge.


Noah Schaeffer, Forest Stewardship Specialist

NDSU – North Dakota Forest Service

Lisbon Field Office – PO Box 604
6824 Highway 32 South
Lisbon, ND 58054

Office: (701) 683-4323

Cell: (701) 871-7246


Cody Clemenson, Forest Stewardship Specialist 

Molberg Forestry Center

307 1st St E, Bottineau, ND, 58318

Office Phone:(701) 228-5490

Cell Phone:(701) 561-8279