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ND Game and Fish Conservation PLOTS Program

Program Description

PLOTS provides financial and technical assistance to private landowners for habitat protection, enhancement and development. Landowners accepting assistance through PLOTS agree to allow public access for walk-in hunting. Payment structures, payment types and agreement lengths vary depending on type of agreement and land use. Payments may be one-time, upfront or annual and agreement lengths vary from two years up to 30 years. Cost-share for developing or enhancing habitat is also available. Please contact a biologist in your area for specific details and program information.

Private Land Open To Sportsmen is a component of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Private Land Initiative. An agreement between the private landowner and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department allows walk-in public access for hunting on private land. PLOTS lands are identified in the PLOTS Guide, which is produced annually by the Department.

Since more than 93 percent of land in North Dakota is held in private ownership, it is important for the Department work with private landowners to manage wildlife, habitat, and access. The hunting heritage is strong in North Dakota and access to private land is important for ensuring hunter retention and welcoming the next generation of hunters.

Funding for PLOTS is generated from hunting license fees. No general fund state tax dollars are used to fund the PLOTS program.

PLOTS Practices and Incentives

  • Native grass plantings
  • Tame grass plantings
  • Wildlife food plots
  • USDA Conservation Reserve Program
  • (CRP) incentives
  • USDA Wetland Reserve Easement
  • (WRE) incentives

Contact Information

Region 1: Andrew Ahrens, 701-204-5227 (c) or 701-662-9386 (o)

Region 2: TJ Oswald, 701-399-9958 (c) or 701-324-2211 (o)

Region 3: Renae Schultz, 701-320-4695 (c)

Region 4: Jens Johnson, 701-527-3764 (c)

Region 5: Ryan Huber, 701-527-8963 (c)

Region 6: Ryan Oberhelman, 701-495-2736 (c)

Region 7: Jaden Honeyman, 701-260-3546 (c)

Region 8: Erica Sevigny, 701-770-3815 (c)