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Precision Ag & Conservation

Program Description

North Dakota Pheasants Forever is proud to offer the services of our Precision Agriculture & Conservation Specialists to farmers and landowners across the state. Our specialists work with producers to identify underperforming acres within farming operations. Pheasants Forever supports agricultural producers by assisting them in using their farm specific data to serve as a guide to identifying areas where management changes and conservation programs can improve the profitability of low-yielding areas. Changes that are implemented as a result of this analysis are beneficial for wildlife habitat, building soil health, increasing water quality, improving sustainability, and improving the bottom line of farming operations.

Private, on-farm consultations with our specialists will provide technical support utilizing data from your preferred data platform (field specific data is not required, but is helpful), voluntary solutions for marginal acres that make economic and agronomic sense, and identifying funding opportunities, all at no cost. Find more information at



Austin Lang 

Jamestown, ND


Warren Swenson

Bismarck, ND


Clark Davis

Beach, ND